Unable to Print/Connect Via USB after Firmware Upgrade

Unable to connect to printer through printer software Pronterface. Cura Software Connected to Printer and Unit would Home and Level but would not print, Removed Auto-Level (G29) and System would Home Only and would not respond to printing commands through software. Ender 3 V2 Firmware dated 14JUL2022 on 4.2.2 Board.
Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

Note, Printer will not print using SD Card Either.

You don’t mention if you have a BLTouch installed or not, so I’ll assume you don’t…

Make sure the correct firmware you’re running is from:

You can’t use G29 without an BLTouch, so it would make sense that doesn’t work.

It’s also worth triple checking that you have a v4.2.2 mainboard via the silk screen printing on the mainboard.

My Apologies, Yes I have the BL Touch Installed and am using the following Firmware “Ender3-V2-BLTouch-20220715.bin” Along with the DWIN_SET Files from the Repository for LCD Controller.

4.2.2 Version has been verified.

Just to rule something out - have you tried the MarlinUI builds?

MarlinUI 15JUL2022 would not load to my system using any format or SD Card, The CrealityUI Version would load using file from 15JUL2022 but no USB Connectivity. I tried downloading multiple times.
I downloaded the 16JUL2022 MarlinUI Version today, with same SD Cards + Formatting, was able to successfully load the firmware and connect via USB.
Maybe just a bad file?
Regardless I am back online, Thank you for your time.

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