No PID autotune (M303) on Ender 3 BLTouch (8bit board)

When I’m trying to use the PID autotune with daily Ender 3, BL touch build it keeps telling me it’s an unknown command.

I’ve tested with the following nightly builds:

Send: M303 C5 E0 S200 U1
Recv: echo:Unknown command: "M303 C5 E0 S200 U1"
Recv: ok P15 B3
Send: M303 E0 S200 C10 U1
Recv: echo:Unknown command: "M303 E0 S200 C10 U1"
Recv: ok P15 B3

Is this not available in these builds, or am I doing something wrong?

The 8 bit boards are at the very edge of their storage limit. If we enable PID for the hotend, it blows out the available storage.

I thought that was the case.

As a side note, is the config file available somewhere so I could build the firmware with the same settings?

It should be embedded into the firmware. I believe it just fits. M503 C can write out the config used.

It seems that M503 is an unknown command too.

Am I correct to assume that the whole PID thing is disabled, and not just the auto-tuning?
Trying to give in the PID values (after autotuning with other firmware) is also unknown.

Send: M301 E0 P36.96 I4.9 D69.65
Recv: echo:Unknown command: "M301 E0 P36.96 I4.9 D69.65"

That could well be the case… Currently, the nightlies are failing due to being too large again for the 8 bit board - and I’m not 100% sure what else I can trim out to make them fit again!

It’s yet another thing on my todo list :slight_smile: